Perfect Engineering

Made in Germany

The name BOOM TRIKES stands for high quality products “Made in Germany”. Development and production of all our trikes are localized in our headquarters in Sontheim (next to Ulm). This consolidated organisation allows a permanent quality control and a smooth implementation of process improvements. Our quality management system is organized according to the rules of EN (DIN) 9001 which is severely controled once a year by the German TÜV.

Innovation and extraordinary design

It is of utmost importance to us that our customers can identify with our products. We want to offer technically and qualitatively high-class vehicles made with great attention to detail and with unique options.

A BOOM trike not only has to bring the driver safely to where he wants to go, but is designed to create emotions and a special life philosophy during each ride with the trike. In order to respond to those high demands, we produce innovative vehicles, combined with an extraordinary design. It´s extremely fun to ride a BOOM trike.

Superb engineering

BOOM trikes are technologically mature vehicles. Key elements of all our models are an aluminium chassis, a brand-new engine with fuel injection and aluminium wheels, which reduces the weight of the unsprung mass of 50 %. These features significantly contribute to the high level of active security, dynamics and travel comfort. The stability of our vehicles is extensively inspected during tests runs on less comfortable roads in back regions which are found in Turkey or Morocco.

Respect, fairness and loyalty

Based on partnership, we aim for a long-term collaboration with our customers, dealers, suppliers and employees. Our success is based on confidence and confidence is achieved by pursuing our three fundamental values: Respect,fairness and loyalty.